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History of Pan de Azucar

Name's origin

The first Portuguese to see the hill they campararon with heaps of sugar from cane mills that grind sailors. This name is repeated in almost all America. Sugar Loaf was founded in 1874 by Felix de Lizarza and a group of residents of the area of ??San Carlos. In this village, with many possibilities, and making a great hope for growth and expansion, which was born in a region not only of great scenic beauty but also situated in an area rich production lands harbored, and on the way Montevideo, besides having mineral wealth, you were incorporated, over the years, prestigious figures in business and commerce as well as in intellectual activities. Sugar Loaf as people born during the presidency of Dr. Jose E. Ellauri 1874. Before that date in the area had some solar stocks. But the decision to found a town officially manifested when the owner of those lands Joaquin Marquez C. empowers notary public Don Felix de Lizarza (his attorney in this area), for writing, give possession of the land and perform all steps required for legitimate delivery of solar.

Profile of the founders of Sugar Loaf

The founders to the first record relates are: Don Felix de Lizarza scribe profession who died on September 16, l885, Don Enrique Brun who will act as Justice of the Peace, served the death of Lizarza Don Francisco Bonilla that will dedicate to trade and exploitation of a huge vineyard, which supplied the departments of Maldonado and Cannelloni Don Felipe Pagani, the first teacher and Sugar Loaf stood out at first by the Culture had. Don Miguel Alzuri had only one arm, mason and sacristan made several constructions, Manuel Vazquez leading supplier of meat (recoba) and his wife was the first woman who wrote verses and Don Pedro Alfonso will be devoted to rural tasks (rancher) and had their fields west of Sugarloaf. C. Joaquin Marquez was born about 20 km. Sugarloaf in Abra de Perdomo. Very young man went to the border where he made a relative fortune and returned to these parts and seeing the privileged position of the place decided to found a town that was on the route of penetration of Montevideo to Brazil. Unfortunately at the time of the original act his name not be taken into account possibly for political reasons since the Uruguay lived a troubled era. Another curious fact was that among the anonymous, were founders and relatives of these people who were already living in the place. Don Felix de Lizarza made the original planimetry was from north to south, but subsequently corrected because the houses south did not give them nothing but the sun in summer and the diagonals of the square and cardinal points were taken.

Source: Municipality of Maldonado

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