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Overview of Chuy

Chuy (commonly pronounced Chuí) is an Uruguayan city of the department of Rocha.

It is a border town separated from the Brazilian city of Chuí by a shared road between the two cities, the "International Avenue" which, on the Uruguayan side bears the name of "Avenida Brasil" and, on the Brazilian side of "Avenida Uruguai" . It is located at kilometer 340 of Route No. 9, a meeting with Brazilian route BR 471.

The vast conglomeration of businesses, both in the Uruguayan side as the Brazilian, make this city an "open-air shopping," where shopping is its main attraction, both prices and variety of products. Uruguayan side there are many duty-free shops or Duty Free Shops, where you can get the most diverse articles from all over the world at low prices.

Chuy has an excellent hotel infrastructure and a varied cuisine. Every year, authorities, employers, organizations and residents of both cities are working together for the staging of the festival of carnival eastern Uruguay: Carnival Without Borders Chui - Chuy. Participate in this feast of unique beauty, samba schools of Rio Grande do Sul, Pelotas, Santa Vitória do Palmar, Chuí, and groups of Montevideo, Maldonado, Rocha, and Lascano, among others.

Chuy is the second most populous city of the department of Rocha. In its surroundings are the towns of Barra del Chuy, La Coronilla, July 18th and San Luis al Medio. On the Brazilian side is the neighboring village of Chui, the city of Santa Vitória do Palmar and spas Barra do Chui and Hermenegildo. The population of the area distributed as follows:

Places to visit in Chuy
Barra del Chuy Barra del Chuy
A 9 kms de Chuy se encuentra el balneario Barra del Chuy, es el último destino de playa de Rocha, situado entre el Atlántico y el Arroyo Chuy.
Turismo de compras Turismo de compras
Chuy es conocida como un verdadero shopping a cielo abierto, dado que los paseos de compras son el gran atractivo para los visitantes.
Los Cerritos de Indios en Rocha Los Cerritos de Indios en Rocha
En la zona comprendida entre la Laguna Merín, el río Ceballoti, la Ruta 14 y el Océano Atántico, se hallaron vestigios de la presencia de indígenas.
Fortaleza de Santa Teresa Fortaleza de Santa Teresa
La Fortaleza de Santa Teresa está ubicada en el Parque Nacional de Santa Teresa en Rocha, a 30 kms de la ciudad de Chuy, en el kilómetro 302 de la Ruta 9.

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